Who is Chef Daren?
Chef Daren Leong, The Mastermind, is the chef-owner of MARCO Creative Cuisine, whose perseverance and creativity skilfully translate into simply unforgettable flavours and creations. Daren’s passion towards food is naturally genuine and persistent. It is his creativity, unrelenting passion and curiosity that drive him to continuously devising and experimenting with ingredients and flavours – to produce a menu range that not only impresses, but also satiates the palate.
Is Marco Modern Café the same as MARCO Creative Cuisine?
Marco Modern Café has been revamped to MARCO Creative Cuisine with a selection of unique offerings. Although the Chef and team remained unchanged, the menu and flavours offered have been improved tremendously.
What are the official operation hours of MARCO Creative Cuisine?
11:00a.m – 3:00p.m.      Multi-Course Menu
3:00p.m – 6:00p.m.      Tea Time Menu
6:00p.m- 10:30p.m.      Multi-Course Menu
Is MARCO Creative Cuisine child-friendly?
To ensure guests have a pleasant dining experience, MARCO Creative Cuisine only caters to guests of the age of 10 and above. This is due to the nature of the restaurant that may not be convenient or comfortable in accommodating to the needs of guests younger than 10 years old.
Does MARCO Creative Cuisine provide smoking-friendly seats?
No. MARCO Creative Cuisine does not provide any smoking-friendly seats in our restaurant. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the restaurant.
Is MARCO Creative Cuisine Halal?
MARCO Creative Cuisine does not own a Halal certification. However, we are strictly a pork and lard free restaurant.
Does MARCO Creative Cuisine have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menu?
No. MARCO Creative Cuisine does not have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menu.
Does MARCO Creative Cuisine need to be informed of food allergies beforehand?
Yes. Guests may inform MARCO Creative Cuisine of their food allergies when making a reservation online or before order is taken.
Does MARCO Creative Cuisine offer party design for special occasion or celebration?
No. MARCO Creative Cuisine does not cater to party design requests. However, we will do our best to accommodate to your requirements or to communicate with your event or party planner.
Is MARCO Creative Cuisine’s Menu limited release?
Yes. Certain special menu only come with a limited portion thus they are available while the ingredients last.
Is MARCO Creative Cuisine wheelchair-friendly?
Yes, the restaurant is wheelchair-friendly. Guests are advised to park at the open car park near TGI Fridays Restaurant and Bar as the car park accommodates for special needs.
Is there a parking nearby MARCO Creative Cuisine?
Yes. MARCO Creative Cuisine is located in One Utama Shopping Mall. Guests may use the mall’s parking spaces. For guests’ easy access and convenience to MARCO Creative Cuisine, guests are advised to park at the open car park near TGI Fridays Restaurant and Bar as our restaurant is on their left side.
Can guests bring their own alcohol to MARCO Creative Cuisine?
No. Guests cannot bring their own alcohol.
Can guests bring their own cake for celebration to MARCO Creative Cuisine?
Yes. Guests can also do a special order with MARCO Creative Cuisine.



Why does MARCO Creative Cuisine encourage Online Reservation?
MARCO Creative Cuisine encourages Online Reservation for efficiency purposes.
Why can’t guests reserve table for 8 pax and above online?
For a group of 8 pax and above, credit card details are required for reservation. MARCO Creative Cuisine also believes that all guests deserve the best seating arrangements and in order to ensure that their needs are fulfilled, the restaurant needs to be informed of the details of the reservation. Kindly contact MARCO Creative Cuisine directly for large group reservation at +603 7731 8293.
Can guests cancel their reservation?
Yes. To cancel a reservation, guests must inform MARCO Creative Cuisine at least 1 day in advance prior to the reserved session.
Is there a cancellation charge?
MARCO Creative Cuisine does not apply a cancellation charge for general reservations. However, a cancellation fee is charged in the event that a special/customised menu is requested, or for a group of guests.
What should guests do if they do not receive email confirmation after making reservation online?
For reservations made online, an auto-reply email system has been set to send notification to the email addressed provided by the booker. If the booker has not received any confirmation email, this could be due to invalid email address or the device setting.

However, if the booker has provided a correct email address and does not receive a confirmation e-mail after reservation, the booker can contact MARCO Creative Cuisine at +603 7731 8293.
Can guests modify their reservation online?
No. For modification or changes to reservation, the booker can contact MARCO Creative Cuisine at +603 7731 8293.
Can guests reserve the entire space for event?
Yes. Guests may do so by reserving with MARCO Creative Cuisine ONE month in advance for the restaurant to better prepare and fulfil their request. The restaurant may accommodate up to 62 pax. Kindly write to MARCO Creative Cuisine for more enquiry@marcocreativecuisine.com.
Does MARCO Creative Cuisine have a private room?
No. MARCO Creative Cuisine does not have a private room.
Will MARCO Creative Cuisine stay open a bit longer for large group event?
Yes. Operation hours will be extended to 11p.m.
Didn’t find what you were looking for?
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, email MARCO Creative Cuisine at enquiry@marcocreativecuisine.com.